Monday 29 May 2023


Catholic priest, Emmanuel Gurumombe of St Peter’s Church Mbare, reported his nephew, Stephen Kimbini, to the police for extortion after he threatened to release pictures of him in compromising homosexual positions.

Kimbini allegedly told Gurumombe that police in Nyabira had concocted pictures of them in homosexual positions, and demanded money to prevent their release on social media.

Gurumombe paid Kimbini US$40 000 on various occasions between June last year and this month.

Allegations are that in June last year, Kimbini set a plot in motion to extort his uncle and told him about the alleged police threats.

Kimbini told the priest that he was passing on the money to the cops.

Gurumombe delivered the money to his nephew through one David Maloya.

When Kimbini demanded US$1 500 from Gurumombe threatening to sell the pictures to social media bloggers on Friday last week, Gurumombe reported him to the police.

A trap was set and Gurumombe phoned Maloya, who came with Kimbini, and he was arrested.

Kimbini is facing extortion charges. H Metro


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