Thursday 6 April 2023


A DISPUTE between two lovers has exposed their adulterous affair.

Prince Makoni told a court that Lucia Mapanzira came to his house drunk and threatened him and his family with a knife.

“She is crazy,” he said.

“I stay in a flat and she didn’t know which one, so she knocked on each door until she found me.

“I helped her brother get a job in the Ministry of Health and Child Care where l work, but she doesn’t appreciate that.

“She has jeopardised my marriage by telling my wife that we were dating.

“She also sent a voice note on WhatsApp threatening to expose me at my work place and confiscate my property,” he said.

Lucia denied the accusations saying she was the one who was being threatened and she only sent a message telling him to stay away from her brother.

“He lied to me that he wasn’t married.

“He said he had separated from his wife, but l later discovered that he was married to my former high schoolmate.

“When I confronted him at his home, his wife told me that he was a dramatic man, but he still comes to my workplace and house.”

Magistrate Tamara Chibindi deferred the matter to today. H Metro


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