Friday 14 April 2023


A HARARE woman has dragged her ex-husband to court demanding US$400 maintenance for their three children.

Lorraine Chipfuve took her ex-husband, Ebenezer Masoka, to court saying he abandoned them in 2017 when she was seven months pregnant.

He resurfaced in February this year.

“He left me six years ago and when I heard that he is in the country l sought assistance from him, but he was rude.

“I rent at my mother’s house, who is a widow, it’s time for him to stop neglecting our kids,” said Lorraine.

Ebenezer told the court that he recently relocated from South Africa and was not yet employed.

He claimed he had been sending money for his kids’ upkeep and paying school fees.

“I suffer from chronic diseases and stay with my mother who understands my situation.

“My best offer for now is $15 000 per child, which includes fees.

“She will then figure out the rest on her own since I’m not yet employed,” he said.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira ordered Masoka to pay US$100 or the equivalent in local currency.

“You will have to get out of your comfort zone, or you will be found wanting real soon because you have to pay maintenance. There is no two ways about it,” said the magistrate. H Metro


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