Friday 14 April 2023


A BUHERA man fatally assaulted his 73-year-old grandmother’s lover before concealing the corpse in her bedroom for 12 hours and dumping it in a disused well at a neighbouring farm in the dead of the night.

The incident occurred in the wee hours of April 3, at Farm 254, Zviyambe, when Petros Muchaziwepi (34) caught Garikai Jimu (46) of Tagarira Village in-between the sheets with his grandmother, Margret Machingura.

Muchaziwepi, his wife Matilda Dzehonye (27) and Machingura, all of Farm 254, have since been arrested for contravening Section 47 (1) of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act, Chapter 9:23.

Machingura and Matilda were arrested as accomplices as they did not participate in the murder, but only assisted in carrying and dumping the corpse in the well at Farm Number 253.

The trio appeared before Murambinda magistrate, Mr Poterai Gwezhira, last Friday and were remanded in custody to April 21.

Mr Gwezhira advised them to apply for bail at the High Court since they are facing a scheduled offence.

The three, who were not asked to plead to the charges, have since been transferred to Rusape Remand Prison.

They will appear at Rusape Magistrates’ Court for routine remand.

Mr Kudakwashe Chirairo prosecuted.

Mr Chirairo said on April 2 at around 1400 hours, Machingura met Jimu at a local watering hole and started drinking with him.

The elderly woman and her lover then agreed to spend the night at her place.

It is alleged that the lovebirds left for Machingura’s place in the afternoon, and allegedly made love thrice along the way.

Upon arrival at Machingura’s place, the two allegedly prepared a meal and ate before retiring to bed.

On April 3 at around 3am, Muchazivepi, who resides with his grandmother at the same place, got home and went into his bedroom.

He was allegedly tipped by his wife, Dzehonye, that Machingura was with Jimu in her bedroom.

“Muchazivepi went to his grandmother’s bedroom to investigate and found the two sleeping. In a fit of rage, Muchazivepi attacked Jimu using clinched fists, booted feet and an unknown object, thereby forcing Jimu to bolt out of the bedroom.

“Jimu tried to run away, but Muchazivepi gave chase. When Jimu was caught, he was tripped to the ground. He tried to get up, but was kicked once on the left rib cage and was hit several times all over the body. He fell on the ground again and lost consciousness,” the court heard.

Mr Chirairo said Muchazivepi left the victim lying there and went back to his bedroom.

“After a few minutes, Machingura followed her grandson and informed him that Jimu was still lying unconscious. Muchazivepi came out of his bedroom and dragged Jimu for 20 metres to his grandmother’s bedroom. He placed Jimu on the bed then left his granny with the now deceased and went back to sleep in his bedroom,” said Mr Chirairo.

He said at around 9am, Machingura informed Muchazivepi that Jimu was dead.

“The two left the body in the bedroom until 9pm. They then teamed up with Muchazivepi’s wife to wrap the body in a blanket and take it to Farm 253, which is about 800 metres away. They then dumped the body into a disused well that is 25 metres deep.

“On April 4, at around 5pm, Dzehonye informed Trust Shito about the case. Shito then checked the well and discovered the body. He went on to report the case at ZRP Dorowa,” he said.

The scene was attended by police from Dorowa and the CID homicide team from Buhera.

The three accused persons were immediately arrested.

The blanket used in covering the corpse was recovered and will be produced in court as an exhibit.

The court heard that the police officerrs need at least two weeks to complete their investigations. Manica Post


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