Wednesday 5 April 2023


POLICE in Bulawayo have arrested four suspects for allegedly possessing stolen copper cables.

Three of the suspects jumped from the frying pan into the fire when they were further charged for trying to bribe the police.

One of the accused, Warren Machinga from Old Lobengula, was stopped at a roadblock by traffic police and when they tried to search his South African number-plated car he sped away causing the police to chase him and call for backup.

Bulawayo Police spokesperson Insp Abednico Ncube said the police chased Machinga who was with other suspects in the car and caught up with him when he crashed into a tree near the National University of Science and Technology.

“The occupants jumped off the car when they saw the police were onto them and carried some bags with heavy material and dashed into the bush. The police officers gave chase and apprehended Machinga from Old Lobengula. The police called the canine section which made some searches and led them to an unknown road where the other accused persons are believed to have escaped and boarded another car,” he said.

Police said while Machinga was being interrogated, a Honda fit approached the police with three other accused namely Finish Bore, Bhekithemba Ngwenya from Njube and Mangere Leonard from Njube and produced US$260 and 100r as bribes to the police to release the apprehended car which had some copper cables in it as well as some material that was used to cut the copper cables.

“The police officers made some recordings of the accused who were offering a bribe and the evidence is being kept at the station. We want to appreciate our dedicated police officers who worked hard in arresting the accused,” said Insp Ncube.

He said it seems most of the copper thieves are locals as evidenced by the locations of where the suspects are from. Chronicle


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