Tuesday 28 February 2023



A businesswoman is at odds with her lover’s wife over a protection order granted to her.

Chipo Dailes stands accused of sending love messages to her married lover, Trisha Tsuro, a truck driver, at night after she was granted a protection order against his wife, Brenda Tsuro.

Brenda told H-Metro that Chipo uses the order as a passport for uninterrupted time with Trisha.

“Chipo is now a thorn in my flesh,” said Brenda.

“She applied for a protection order against me so that she can spend more time with my husband.

“From the day the order was granted to her, Chipo has been sending love messages to my husband during a time she knows he will be home with his family.

“Her continuous ‘I love you’ messages to my husband are now a pain to me.

“She managed to win a chance to fight a legal marriage because she is popular. She is a dealer at Eastgate Mall. It’s so unfair.

“Last time, she used her popularity to engage police to intimidate me at Harare Central Police Station only to be rescued after lodging a report against police with their seniors.

“After failing to intimidate me in that manner, she approached the Civil Court to continue fighting me,” said Brenda.

Under the order, Brenda is not to physically assault, insult, stalk, threaten or harass Chipo.

She is not to approach Chipo’s workplace and not to visit her place of residence in Chadcombe.

Brenda and Chipo made headlines fighting for Trisha amid reports that the latter’s marriage ended after she was found between the sheets with the truck driver.  H Metro


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