Tuesday 28 February 2023


A TEENAGE Warren Park girl, who went missing last Tuesday, is said to have watched helplessly as THREE other kids were KILLED by the kidnappers.

The cold-bloodied murders have left Tinotenda Tamangani (16), who was kidnapped from Warren Park 1 shops at around 5pm, traumatised.

Tinotenda escaped and returned home on Thursday evening in a state of confusion.

Her father, Tafadzwa Tamangani, is thankful to God for his daughter’s survival.

She was taken to hospital for medical checks and a police report was filed.

Her father, narrated his daughter’s horrific experience.

“My daughter went to the shops which are about 200m from where we stay.

“She used a path through a maize field and was blocked by two men from a black car without number plates.

“She said she was covered with a cloth and bundled into the car and driven to an unknown place.

“She found other young kids, aged between four and 16 years, at the place where she was taken to.

“On Wednesday, she said the car did not go anywhere and she watched three children being killed in front of them.”

The father claimed the children were not fed anything.

“According to her narration, they slept without eating and on Thursday, the car went out with other children and she was left with other children, under the watchful eye of a male keeper.

“She then hatched a plan to escape and took one kid with her, who she ran away with.

“After a distance, the other child said she could not proceed because she didn’t know where to go. She didn’t know kumba kwavo.

“So, they started arguing with my daughter encouraging her to go, but she refused until she decided to leave her behind since she was afraid of being caught.

“She left and started running.”

He added: “Since she was hungry, she would rest, but kept on walking and running until she got home. She told us that she left the place in the morning and got home around 7pm.”

He said they tried to track where the place is, with the help of the police, but they were finding it difficult to locate the site.

“It seems the place is not far and is around the Churu Farm area.

“My daughter is still traumatised and we are trying to get her to remember and describe the place.

 “She said the area is sandy and has tall trees. I am sure many children who are disappearing are in that area, and it’s really sad.

“We thank God she returned unhurt and we had to take her to the hospital for check-ups and nothing bad was detected. We also took her for counselling and she is getting better.”

He urged other parents to look after their children.

“It’s really sad that many children are disappearing and it seems they are being killed in that area.

“She is having nightmares after watching other children being killed, but we hope counselling will help her get over the traumatising episode.” H Metro


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