Sunday 12 February 2023


Zanu PF official and a police officer have been arrested after they went on a rampage assaulting Hope Fountain villagers reportedly under the instruction of a high-ranking party official.

On 9 February, Average Makope (32) a former police officer and the current Zanu PF youth secretary of legal affairs Bulawayo province, in the company of Constable Vitalis Tarupira (38) teamed up with a Constable Usayi stationed at Fairbridge, Emmanuel Nene (21), and two other unknown accused people.

They met a Mr Kapeta from the president’s office who instructed them to go to Hope Fountain and engage the residents to find out if they are willing to work together with a certain Greenland who is the owner of Xmass box mine.

“At around 1700 hours at Makhubile village, the accused were moving around in a Silver baby quantum assaulting people. They met Fortune Ncube at Sakareth homestead village B4 Makubile, Hopefountain. They assaulted him with open hands all over his body. During the scuffle the Ncube lost US$100 and one of the accused damaged his cellphone,” said police sources close to the case.

“After the assault, the two unidentified men jumped into the vehicle and drove off and the two accused persons were arrested by residents and a case of assault was reported at ZRP Hillside.”

Upon being questioned, Makope and Tarupira revealed that they are ZANU PF members and were sent by ZANU PF Bulawayo province chairperson Jabulani Sibanda and Kapeta of Magnet house, Bulawayo.

Investigations into the matter are still ongoing. CITE


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