Saturday 12 November 2022


A feeling of jealousy defines most relationships when one partner shows off or exposes their bodies to the public intentionally or otherwise and one can be forgiven for thinking that it is only natural.

For a Bulawayo couple of Rita Mugari AKA Ginger (24) and her husband Melusi Nyathi (37) it is not like that as they are in the rare business of strip dancing and are not ashamed to show off anatomy.

The couple from Trenance strip and dance for a living and are also available for private shows on request. The wife says South Africa’s Zodwa wa Bantu must not bother with attempting to perform in the country as she will soon be Zimbabwe’s own version of the raunchy dancer.

Ginger and Melusi strip for a living and they are not shy to show skin. For the right money, they do just about anything the clients want, except going all the way to being intimate. And the couple revealed that their hustle makes them a lot of money!

They run an exotic family entertainment business and they have been together for eight years.

Part of the package they offer their clients is foreplay — and no matter how hot the sessions get, to them it is strictly business.

Ginger told Sunday Life they both started as dancers until they took their talent to the next level. Now they do exotic dancing.

“My husband came up with the idea of stripping last year and we’ve been making good money,” she told Sunday Life.

“One day, my husband just said we must act like we have sold our souls. We started off by just taking nude pictures of us together and then we made it into a business. Now we dance, we strip and we give people pleasure,” she said.

She said the services they offer include stripping at private sessions and open chill sessions during events.

“We charge US$200 to US$300 for private sessions, depending on the duration of our performances.”

Ginger said no penetration is allowed: “We charge US$200 for a strip show and US$50 for a chill session. If you want to book us for music shows it is US$200, which includes exotic dances.”

She said they are happy with their work and they do what they like.

“We forget about what people are going to say. Most people love us and some hate us, but we don’t care,” said Ginger.

She said their job does not affect their relationship: “We both know what we are doing. We are husband and wife and we are working for our family. We work hard for our family and we make a lot of money. If you are unemployed and you think your body can make you money, use it without hesitation. You can always make money with your body without degrading yourself or becoming a prostitute,” she said.

Ginger also said that she looks up to Zodwa Wa Bantu, but now it’s time that she moves aside.

“Zodwa is doing exactly what I’m doing but she must now make way for fresher meat,” she joked.

Melusi said it’s all in a day’s work: “We are passionate about what we do. This is art on another level.”

“We started as musicians and dancers, but now we are venturing into something more interesting and people love it,” Melusi added. Sunday News


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