Monday 14 November 2022


A HARARE hustler has been slammed on social media for insulting a female student who rejected his love advances.

Eliel Craigben Madziwa made a move on a 19-year-old student, who turned down his proposal, mch to his chagrin.

He then began to attack the girl, sending her messages using derogatory language.

H-Metro is in possession of the chats, in which Madziwa was lambasting the student.

There is also an audio, with explicit content, where he attacks the student for turning him down.

“Unofunga kuti vakomana vaune number dzausina ku bloka vane mari stereki or they are classy stereki kundipfura?

“Saka chauno blokera number dzangu is what exactly, unofunga kuti ndakashata stereki or handigeze?

“Hindawa une kaku sizer kaunoita so? You block my number and tell me crap yekuti I use this number, saka number dzangu inini dzino deserver kuiswa ku block list?

“F*** off iwe, haundiudze mari size yako iwewe.

“ As far as you are concerned, unoda kushamisira neiko h**e risina kana Instagram zvayo?

“You can’t even afford to have an Instagram account to show your lifestyle wondiudza nyaya yemari.

“Sha I (sleep with) way better chicks than you wanzwa iwewe uri mutete kwazvo hauna chaunondiganzira nacho iwewe.

“Because I looked for you doesn’t mean ndakaomerwa, wanzwa,” said Madziwa.

Madziwa did not respond to questions put to him by H-Metro about this issue. H Metro


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