Sunday 2 October 2022


ZANU PF youth member, Sybeth Musengezi, who is challenging the ascendancy of President Emmerson Mnangagwa as party leader in 2017 reportedly escaped death after his home in Sandton near Westgate in Harare was “petrol bombed” on Saturday night, two days before his case is due to be heard in court.

Musengezi’s challenge is due to be heard in the High Court today and he told NewsDay yesterday that he suspects that the attack was carried out by suspected Zanu PF and State security agents.

He said he was now fearing for his life after the attack which destroyed part of his home and vehicle worth thousands in United States dollars.

He said he was in a state of shock after the arson attack.

“We are still trying to come to terms with it.  The army and police are here trying to investigate what actually happened. The police have so far taken a statement from me and you may get more information from the police,” Musengezi said.

“I don’t think I’ll be safe here. There is a need for some measures to be taken to guarantee my safety,” adding nobody was injured in the resultant inferno.

“On my way home, I saw three cars among them two Toyota Hilux trucks (GD6) and a small car parked in front of my house. When I got closer, those cars immediately left. I got inside the house and the car alarm suddenly went off. I looked through the window and I saw four men, two were armed. They started damaging my car and they threw a bomb. They shouted “no one is leaving that house” and threw another bomb inside my house. But we are all safe, we escaped,” he added.

Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday said they were still investigating the case.

“We are still looking for information on that matter,” he said.

Zanu PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa dismissed claims that Zanu PF was behind the bombing of Musengezi’s house.

“First of all Zanu PF has completely nothing to do with this outrageous act. The ZRP is the competent statutory authority to which you direct your question. This is more so in light of the sordid history of false flag operations of the (Citizens Coalition for Change) CCC and other various manifestations. The despicable false flag acts have gone so far as to have the temerity to issue a fraudulent letter in the name of King Charles III of England,” he said.

“This would earn the irreverent fraudsters a highly public disownership and denunciation by none other than the esteemed British Ambassador. It cannot be remiss that the house arson is an inside job seeking to elicit public sympathy on a floundering court case. The appeal to the Supreme Court is likely to be an exercise in frivolous and vexatious litigation for grandstanding and impressing busy body handlers,” Mutsvangwa added.

Musengezi filed his challenge last year, but Mnangagwa’s lawyers have been pressing him to drop the High Court case while some Zanu PF activists promised to take unspecified action against him.

Mnangagwa became the Zanu PF First Secretary and President in 2017 after a coup that toppled long-time ruler, the late President Robert Mugabe, but Musengezi alleges that he did not follow procedure and, therefore, his elevation to that position was illegal.

Musengezi cited Zanu PF secretary for administration Obert Mpofu, finance secretary Patrick Chinamsa, former Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko and former party secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo as respondents. Newsday


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