Monday 3 October 2022


Another Zimbabwean has died after succumbing to injuries sustained in an attack by a South African mob in Limpopo province recently.

This takes the number of Zimbabweans killed in the horrific attack to four, after three others died after being burnt by a mob in the Elim area on September 17. They had accused them of stealing solar panels and accessories.

It is also reported that 113 other Zimbabweans were left displaced following violent attacks on migrants by locals in that area.

Zimbabwe’s Consul-General to Johannesburg Mrs Melody Chaurura said they had since dispatched a team on the ground.

She said repatriation processes for the deceased were underway.

“We have dispatched a team to Elim following reports of the burning to death of three Zimbabwean nationals in Tshavani village, in Elim, Limpopo province,” she said.

“The incident took place on 17 September 2022. They have established that indeed three Zimbabwean nationals were burnt to death on 17 September 2022 following accusations of theft of solar panels and electric cables.

“Two of the deceased Zimbabweans were positively identified by their biological relatives as Johan Munago and Amon Munago from Chivi area in Zimbabwe. One of the three bodies is yet to be positively identified.”

Mrs Chaurura identified the fourth victim as Tops Mutanho also from Chivi, who succumbed to injuries sustained after the mob attack.

He was assaulted after being allegedly found in possession of stolen copper cables.

Mrs Chaurura said dockets relating to the cases were opened at Waterval Police Station.

But no reports on the arrest of suspects have been received.

Added Mrs Chaurura: “The Mission further established details of 113 Zimbabweans who had been affected by the community violence.

“However, this number was not exhaustive because there were reports of several other people who had been displaced, but kept themselves in hiding for fear of further violence and detection by law enforcement agents.”

Mrs Chaurura said the consulate team succeeded in engaging local authorities and relevant stakeholders with a view to ensure that peace was restored in the community.

She said there were also consultations on the provision of temporary shelter for the displaced families.

In addition, the repatriation documents were issued to those whose resolution was to return to Zimbabwe.

“For this category, the Mission extended an offer for government funded repatriation and family reunification assistance,” said Mrs Chaurura.

“The Consulate stands ready to continue working closely with local authorities to ensure the protection of Zimbabwe nationals in various communities.”

Mrs Chaurura said consultations were still underway using the established platforms of dialogue, with a view to develop strategies that will see an end to such heinous acts.

“The ultimate objective is to ensure peaceful co-existence among communities,” she said.

Mrs Chaurura encouraged Zimbabweans in South Africa to establish contact with the Embassy and the two Consulates in times of distress in order to enable them to knowledgeably engage the host government authorities for necessary support.

Zimbabweans in South Africa were also called upon to uphold the good image of the country by desisting from engaging criminal activities.

 “We call upon our compatriots to commit themselves to hard work, bearing in mind that we are the custodians of brand Zimbabwe in our individual capacities,” said Mrs Chaurura.

“It is, therefore, imperative for us all to espouse the highest standards of integrity in our daily routines.” Herald


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