Tuesday 6 September 2022


Kudzai “Boss Vlad Duk” Nyakutsikwa, who committed suicide last weekend, was buried yesterday at a secret burial ceremony in Soweto.

This was revealed by a reliable source close to the family. Reports also indicated that the socialite did not have a funeral policy.

Attempts to contact one of his brothers drew blanks, as he has not been responding to any questions sent to him. The move is likely to disappoint hundreds of his friends, who wanted to bid farewell to the late socialite.

“He was buried this afternoon (yesterday) at a cemetery in Soweto,” revealed the source. The family did it privately as they didn’t want it to be on social media.  No phones were allowed as they feared it would leak. It was very low key and they didn’t want people to know anything about it.

“They were just telling people that they are waiting for post mortem results while they were busy arranging. “They never allowed people to congregate anywhere.”

The family has not been revealing anything since news of his death broke out.

“If this is true, it is very disappointing,” said one of Vlad’s friends.  We have been waiting for the family to update us.

“Hatina kana kutombonobata maoko like we do culturally. Taingonzi mirai, we are waiting for post-mortem results.”

Various WhatsApp groups were created as friends shared memories they had with the socialite. 

Condolence money was also being raised through one of Vlad’s friends. Veteran DJ, Chief Ja,y of Blackstone Sound and a manager at Alicats Pub, revealed they will arrange a memorial bash for the late socialite.

“Vlad was a people’s person.”  H Metro


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