Tuesday 20 September 2022


A 32-YEAR-OLD man’s body was found virtually naked, close to a bar, in the Madhirihora area of Waterfalls.

Denis Chipato was reportedly murdered in a scuffle with two men over a bar attendant, Esther Vari, 32.

Chipato’s body was found with scars under his armpits and bleeding from the mouth.

Vari was arrested with the two men, Wilbert Chifadza and one Mark, over Chipato’s murder.

Vari told H-Metro Chipato did not propose to her and was the last to leave the bar at around 10pm.

“To be honest, Denis had not said anything about his feelings towards me,” said Vari. He came here and never bought any beers, but just sat following what was going on in the bar.

“Wilbert, who was with Mark, confronted me about not asking Denis to leave, when I was closing the bar. I had to lift Denis and leave him outside since he was visibly drunk.

Wilbert Chifadza (in red) and Mark being led to police

“I do not know what happened outside the bar because the volume of my radio was high.

“Ndinorara mu bar asi radio handidzime saka handina kuziva kana kunzwa kunetsana kwevanhu ava.

“I woke up and picked Denis’ mobile phone and left his bag and t-shirt.

“My intention was to give whoever was going to claim to have lost the phone.

“I regretted picking up Denis’ phone when his body was found behind the bar.

“People around here have been suspecting me and Wilbert to be lovers and are accusing us of Denis’ death,” she said.

Chifadza, a married builder, denied involvement in the murder of Chipato or having an affair with Vari.

“I am married and my wife is in my rural village,” said Chifadza.

“I am not in love with Esther and I never laid a hand on the deceased although we were the last people to leave the bar.

“I was in the company of Mark, although it was our first time meeting.

“We were drinking beer.

“We left the bar at the same time with the deceased and I do not know what happened after,” he said.

Chipato was well known at Madhirihora for selling sand.

His body was taken to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital mortuary for a post mortem.

Vari, Chifadza and Mark were detained at Waterfalls Police Station. H Metro


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