Tuesday 20 September 2022


A CITY woman failed in her bid to obtain a peace order against her former husband she had accused of physical abuse and sending death threats.

Rosey Fakero claimed she was living in fear of her ex-husband, Julius Juma.

However, magistrate Rutendo Machingura dismissed her application.

“I want my former husband to stop harassing me and being harsh. I have noticed that he wants us to reconcile, but it can’t.

“I then misled him that I was raped and I am four months pregnant so that he moves on,” Rosey told the court.

“On August 31, he assaulted me and threatened to kill me before burning my clothes.

“I am now wearing clothes from well-wishers. During our marriage, he was abusive to the extent that I suffered a loose tooth,” said Rosey.

In his defence, Juma denied the accusations. “I have three children with her so I deliver food at her place of residence almost every week. “Last month, she told me she was raped and she is four months pregnant.

“I asked her if she reported the case and got tested for HIV then she told me that the Lord was her Shepherd and nothing will harm her.

“I was hurt when I heard she is now pregnant since I wanted to reconcile with her.

“I admit I burnt all her clothes out of anger after I heard she was pregnant,” said Juma. H Metro


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