Sunday 7 August 2022


TENDY Three Investments, which is running a parking system in Bulawayo, was forced to channel money that was being collected by marshals into the personal mobile account of its managing director, Mr Bongani Nyathi.

Mr Nyathi yesterday confirmed the issue and said the move was necessitated after its point-of-sale machines failed to connect to EcoCash users.

“We had an emergency yesterday (Friday) because our bank’s data system was down.

It affected our point-of-sale machines. I communicated with our bank manager and he assured us that he had spoken to the person in charge of such data issues. They managed to fix the problem just after lunch but the message was delayed in reaching our marshals hence the continued use of my EcoCash account to collect parking fees late into the day. However, all systems have been restored and are now working.”

Mr Nyathi said the drastic measure to use his personal account was prompted by the continued departure of frustrated motorists who were leaving without paying because of the glitch. He also said they wanted to ensure that motorists would not get a ticket for an unpaid system.

“Banks control POS machines and we have no control over data issues. However, we are already working on getting backup from other banks to avoid such challenges in future,” Mr Nyathi said.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday the company will be donating food hampers to 1 200 families across the city.

The company announced that it will be distributing food hampers to 1 000 families and all its workers at 10 centres in Bulawayo which will be announced in due course.

In December last year, more than 500 families received Christmas goodies from the local municipality’s parking technology contractor.

TTI distributed groceries worth a combined total of US$30 000 to the less privileged across the city. The distribution of packages and cash vouchers offered relief to recipients, many of whom do not have an income.

The beneficiaries included the elderly whose pensions have been eroded by rising prices, disabled and child-headed families.

Each of the 500 beneficiaries received a hamper comprising a 10kg packet of mealie-meal, 2 litres cooking oil, 2kg self-raising flour, 2kg brown sugar, 2kg sugar beans, 1kg salt, 1kg green bar soap, 1kg soya chunks, 500g tea leaves, 1 loaf of bread, 500g mixed fruit jam, one head of cabbage and 2kg rice.

The beneficiaries also received a US$20 cash voucher each.

Last year’s beneficiaries turned out at five venues in the high-density suburbs of Mzilikazi, Lobengula, Tshabalala, Pumula and Mpopoma after having been identified through the municipality’s Housing and Community Services (Social Workers Section). Sunday News


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