Saturday 2 July 2022


A Zanu PF youth officer’s decomposing body was found in a room at Dewure Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development Camp in Gutu where he died during sex with a married woman.

Justice Garainesu Mawadze at the High Court in Masvingo was told that Pretty Mbikiza (33) ran away after realising that Owen Munyanyi (36) was dead after a steamy sex encounter on May 10, 2021.

The State charged Mbikiza with the murder of her boyfriend Munyanyi. Justice Mawadze after hearing the case however, acquitted her and agreed with her evidence that Munyanyi suddenly felt hot after sex and died immediately afterwards.

It is the State case that Munyanyi and Mbikiza are both married and they stayed in the same village at Noodle Farm, Gutu. Meanwhile Munyanyi was a youth officer who was stationed at the Ministry of Transport Camp located near Dewure River in Gutu.

Mbikiza and her husband used to do piece jobs at Munyanyi’s homestead because he had the means as he was gainfully employed. The court was told that Mbikiza was a friend to Munyanyi’s sister-in-law (brother’s wife) Ratidzai Munyanyi and the latter enticed Mbikiza to fall in love with Munyanyi for financial gain.

Mbikiza told the court that she eventually agreed after a lot of persuasion from Ratidzai who became the go-between who regularly provided a room for the two to have sex at her homestead. All communication between Mbikiza and Munyanyi went through Ratidzai because the former could not communicate directly with Mbikiza as she shared her phone with her husband.

On the fateful day Ratidzai convinced the lovebirds to have more days to themselves and they boarded a bus and went to Dewure where Munyanyi worked. Mbikiza left home on the guise that she was visiting her aunt in Mushayavanhu, Gutu. At Dewure they went to Dewure Business Center which is close to the camp and spend a few hours before they went to the camp.

On arrival they immediately engaged in sex but after a steamy encounter both of them started feeling ‘very hot’. The accused rushed to get a bucket and bathed to cool herself. The deceased asked for the wet towel to place on his chest but died as he was pressing hard the towel on him.

Confused, Mbikiza left immediately and called Ratidzai about what had happened and Ratidzai pressured her not to tell anyone.

The body was discovered a week later and a postmortem by Dr Godfrey Zimbwa of Masvingo Provincial Hospital established that Munyanyi suffered internal bleeding before he died and hence suspected foul play. Munyanyi was buried and Police later picked information that the deceased was last seen at the business center with a woman.

They arrested Mbikiza who was ‘singing’ in court and said everything that happened despite Ratidzai remaining evasive.

Justice Mawadze saw no motive for Mbikiza to kill her boyfriend and described her as a credible source who said everything that happened. He however, said that this was a complex case. Masvingo Mirror


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