Saturday 2 July 2022


Students at the Bulawayo-based Westgate Industrial Training College have blasted officials at the institution for providing them with substandard food, although they pay for their meals. 

 The students said they pay ZWL$30 000 for food and accommodation, however, the authorities decided to change the food schedule without any communication.

 “We are not getting enough food quantities and we are no longer receiving breakfast we only get lunch around 2 pm and supper around 7 pm. At times you find them throwing away food while we are hungry,” said one student.

He said upon inquiring some students were only told that bread is now expensive hence the Institution could not afford to provide them with breakfast.

A standard loaf of bread now cost ZWL640 up from ZWL$450.

“These days it is very cold imagine eating around 2 pm without having eaten anything since morning,” said the source.

The learners highlighted that the decent meal they are getting is Isitshwala with cabbage.

Another student added that they were told that where the institution used to buy food, the prices have gone up for the institution to limit food rations. 

“Someone also told us that where they used to buy food is now expensive, this is just information from the grapevine, the authorities haven’t really said anything to us,” he said.

Contacted for a comment, the college secretary said she is not allowed to speak with the media before dropping the call.

The receptionist however said the administrator is in Harare but could not share more details with the reporter. CITE


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