Wednesday 6 July 2022


A DISABLED parking marshal alleges his leg was amputated because of wounds he sustained after being attacked by a sangoma.

Farai Manhombori, who was well known for manning VIP cars during high-profile events in the capital, is now walking on crutches.

In an interview with H-Metro, Manhombori alleges he was attacked with a machete in Epworth by a sangoma, following a land dispute.

“My neighbour, Lovemore Mushangwe, a sangoma, came with his child and grandchildren to attack me after he had instructed me to move from where I am staying.

“We had gone to the Epworth Board and they told us to wait for the Council but Lovemore decided to take matters into his own hands.

“He came around dawn and that is when he struck my leg with a machete, which led to my amputation,” he said.

“I am diabetic and if you get a wound on the leg it will not heal easily.

“My leg only healed when I got amputated,” said Farai.

He said the people who attacked him are still walking scot-free.

“I reported my neighbour and his family to the police but no one has been arrested yet.

“Every time I go there I am told to come back another time for my case to be addressed.

“There was a time I went there and I saw that my docket had been changed from CR 175/08/09 to CR 406/12/20 in favour of Lovemore,” he told H-Metro.

Manhombori added: “I opened another docket and the case number is Dhq 524/2/66/21 and, unfortunately, it got changed again.

“I reported five people and now only one is appearing in the current docket.”

Manhombori said he believes justice will still take its course.

“Lovemore is a sangoma and I believe he is doing something to make the case disappear.

“It cannot be that every time I open a docket it gets changed in his favour.

“I just want justice and I want those who made me disabled to pay for what they did,” he said. Lovemore could not be reached for comment. H Metro


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