Wednesday 6 July 2022


 AN elderly Buhera woman has been sharing the same blanket with her married son and daughter-in-law for the past four months in Glen View.

Gogo Elizabeth Muburirwa has sent tongues wagging in Glen View 8 for sharing one room, and the same blanket, with her son Tinashe Muburirwa (23) and his wife Shelly Muchakagara (18).

Gogo Elizabeth told H-Metro Tinashe and Shelly did not disclose to her they had a shortage of blankets.

“My daughter- in-law called me from the village so that I would assist her since she was expecting a baby,” said Gogo Elizabeth.

“I was not aware that they did not have enough blankets so we are sharing one blanket. My husband in the rural areas has been calling me to return but I am waiting for the grocery to take to the rural areas.

“I am aware that their neighbours have been whispering about how we are managing it, in one room, but only one approached me.

“Ndozviripo ndiye rugotwe rwangu mukomana uyu saka mwana wake ave ne three weeks azvarwa saka ndirikubatsira muroora kumugezesa,” said Gogo Elizabeth.

Tinashe described the situation as unbearable saying he was facing financial problems and cannot take his mother back to village.

“At first, I would retire to bed at the house of one of my married brothers, who stays around this place,” said Tinashe.

“I saw it better to share a room and blankets with my mother than risking the marriage of my brother by sleeping in their rented one-room for a long time.

“My business is not paying well these days, I could have taken her back to village.

“The situation is unbearable.

“I have not been enjoying my conjugal rights for some time because of the presence of my mother in the same blanket.

“Sometimes, I would spend the night at work as a way of not sleeping together with my mother,” said Tinashe.

Shelly was in tears as she narrated the strange sleeping arrangement.

“My mother in-law is the one who dictates the sleeping arrangement,” said Shelly.

“Tinashe will be between me and my mother in-law and the baby will be close to the wall on the floor.

“We are sleeping on the floor and we have two blankets, one to put on the floor and the other one to cover us.

“Ndinorara ndichidhonzerana blanket navamwene.

“My mother promised to send money so that we buy groceries she wants before leaving for the village. Life is so unfair and we differ on cultural values that is what I can only say for now,” she said.

One of the couple’s elderly neighbours told H-Metro that Gogo Elizabeth refused to sleep at her house after she learnt about how they were living in one room.

“I do not know if Gogo Elizabeth respects our cultural values,” said the neighbour.

“Mwana kana akura zvekuroora iye nemudzimai wake havangatadze kurera mwana wavo zvekutonzi varikubatsirwa.

“This is inhumane, abusive and lack of wisdom being shown by Gogo Elizabeth.

“We do not tolerate such kind of living in our society, we are not animals,” she said. H Metro


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