Wednesday 15 June 2022


THE sisters of the late socialite, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, were back in court yesterday to submit oral arguments in the matter they are seeking the release of the deceased’s seized top-of-the-range vehicles.

The two sisters, Juliet and Neria Kadungure, are seeking the release of the late businessman’s Bentley and Rolls Royce.

In Juliet’s founding affidavit, she told the court the two sisters were the surviving siblings of the late socialite, who appeared before the court, facing two charges of fraud, before his death.

She told the court, in her application, that the two sisters were appointed the executors to Ginimbi’s estate by the Master of the High Court, on March 1, this year.

Juliet said the criminal proceedings regarding the two cars had to be discontinued and abandoned on account of the death of Ginimbi.

The sisters claimed that all of Ginimbi’s assets now belonged to the estate, in which they were the duly-appointed executors and “they are in the shoes of the deceased as far as pursuit of release of the cars in question are concerned.”

On behalf of the State, Lancelot Mutsokoti argued that the application was prematurely before the court and the sisters must pursue the application up to the Commissioner-General of the police.

“The police are under the direction of the Commissioner General so you can’t be said to have fully engaged the police without consulting him, ZIMRA is still an interested party and they should be cited in the application.

“The vehicles haven’t been tendered to the court hence it doesn’t have the jurisdiction to dispose of the vehicles at the moment,” he said.

The matter is back in court this Friday for ruling. H Metro


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