Wednesday 15 June 2022


A 23-YEAR-OLD married woman was yesterday humiliated by her husband and neighbours who trapped her while she was in her bedroom with an elderly neighbour in Epworth.

The woman, only identified as Mai Tariro, was in her matrimonial bedroom with her married neighbour, only identified as Mukoka.

Following a tip-off, neighbours surrounded her house, waiting for the love birds to finish their business.

Mai Tariro claimed Mukoka wanted to rape her.

Mukoka was given a thrashing before his wife was called to the scene.

Police attended the scene and managed to save Mukoka from further beating.

Mai Tariro told H-Metro that Mukoka entered her house unlawfully claiming he wanted to solve her differences with her husband.

“Mukoka was following me from the shops and entered my bedroom unlawfully saying he wanted to hear my issues with my husband,” said Mai Tariro.

“He was visibly drunk that he refused to leave my house, that is why I locked the door from outside, and informed my husband.

“I never invited him for sex as alleged.

“Kana vanhu zvavasvota handina kusiya door rekumba kwevabereki vangu rakavharika, ndinongorongedza zvinhu zvangu ndoenda,” she said.

She refused to comment on rape allegations.

Mai Tariro’s husband, Baba Tariro, returned from the police base in anger and collected Mai Tariro’s undergarments and left the house.

He returned to his house, after some minutes, claiming that he had sorted out everything but refused to elaborate.

“I have sorted what I saw as the best way possible from this issue, ndatopedza handichisina chekutaura,” said Baba Tariro.

“I can now safely take my food since I was busy working when this happened and I have no further comment on this matter,” he said.

Mukoka’s wife, Gogo Mukoka, told H-Metro that her husband has been engaging in sinful acts for some time, blaming alcohol.

She told H-Metro Mukoka’s behaviour even forced her to drink alcohol to try and see how she would act when drunk.

“Hakuna kudhakwa kwakadaro kwekuti munhu anonzi arasika zvekunopinda mumba memukadzi wemunhu akadhakwa,” said Gogo Mukoka.

“If he got lost, why did he not go to a bar, a shopping centre or his house?

“He has been a nuisance to a number of married women in the past few months and I am sure he needs family help.

“One of the days I consumed a lot of alcohol and got drunk to test my behaviour when drunk.

“Unoziva baba ava vaitombonamata pamwechete neni vakazorega saka chinzenza chacho chanyanya,” she said.

Efforts to get Mukoka’s comment were fruitless as he refused to entertain H-Metro.


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