Friday 15 April 2022


A Bulawayo man who had gone missing has been found alive amid revelations that he had been kidnapped and shoved into the trunk of his car where he was trapped for two days and two nights.

The man, Paddington Mapako, was allegedly abducted by three unknown men who are believed to have been sent by his business rivals.

They also robbed him of US$3 800.

Mapako is involved in the forex exchange business and he believes that people who are jealous of his success were behind his kidnapping.

Mapako, who was found after the intervention of Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa of Johane Masowe eChishanu Selborne Park suburb, said the man wanted to kill him, but later spared his life.

“On Tuesday I was coming from home when I got to Richmond on Falls Road, I saw a Honda Fit and it blocked me and three guys with guns came out and they pointed guns at me and took my Honda CRV keys.

“Two got in the back seat and the other was on the driver’s seat.

They drove a short distance before they tied my hands and feet and muffled my mouth using tissues and a piece of cloth.

They then put me in the boot of my car.

“They drove some distance along Victoria Falls Road and then parked near some shops. One of them got out and bought beers which they drank in the car.

They were also smoking marijuana as they debated whether to kill me or to let me go.

“One of them won the argument and they drove to Trenance where they dumped the car with me still in the boot.

After they left, I was trapped in the boot for two days as I could not move or scream as my mouth was muffled.

But I got lucky when I heard  someone passing by near the car.

I shook the car violently and the person who saw the car shaking went and came back with help.

“They opened the boot and I fell on the ground. Police were called to the scene and they took my statement.

I was then taken to a surgery for treatment.

They robbed me of US$3,800, but what is important is that I am alive and I thank Prophet Mutumwa who was praying for me together with my wife.

Their prayers of intercession saved me,” said the visibly fatigued Mapako who had a bandage on his arm.

The exhausted and sleepy Mapako said he was eating oranges and drinking lots of water to regain his strength.

His wife, who was sitting next to him at Prophet Mutumwa’s shrine, said her husband went missing on Tuesday and she got worried after he did not come home at night.

“We are just coming from the hospital where he was on a drip. He is tired.

I was worried that he had been killed or harmed, but thanks to Prophet Mutumwa, who prayed and fasted for him, he was found alive.

“We are here today praying and giving thanks to God for the good that he has done for my husband. We are giving a testimony of his miracle works,” she said.

A police spokesperson said they were yet to receive information on the case.

Prophet Mutumwa said when Mapako’s wife told him that her husband had gone missing he prayed for his safe return.

“I told Mai Mapako that her husband was in trouble, but God was going to rescue him and he did.

As you can see, the family is here praying and praising God for protecting him.

All praise should be directed to God, not to me,” said Prophet Mutumwa. B Metro


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