Thursday 31 March 2022


A Bulawayo businessman who reportedly lost about US$24 000 a fortnight ago to two thieves after they allegedly broke into his car had the money returned to him after he consulted a local prophet who reportedly invoked a curse on the thieves.

The businessman (name withheld) reportedly lost the money after the thieves forced open the doors of his car which he had parked outside his shop.

The businessman was said to have consulted Black Elisha, real name Mduduzi Dube, who is famed for his spiritual padlock which he used to “spiritually lock” them by invoking a curse on the thieves and warned that they would die within two days if they did not return the money.

According to a source close to the shocking incident, disturbed by the efficacy of the ‘curse’, the thieves reportedly returned the money the next day and dumped it outside the businessman’s shop.

“He seems to know how he was going to recover his money because he didn’t report the matter to the police.

Those people who were privy to the incident were shocked when they heard that the money had been returned,” the source said.

Contacted for comment, the businessman neither confirmed nor denied that he sought the services of Black Elisha in order to recover his money.

“I don’t think it’s a story worth publishing.  I am afraid that if published it will put my life and business at risk,” the businessman said.

When contacted for comment Black Elisha, who initially wanted to remain tight-lipped, later confirmed the incident.

“Yes, it happened, but I cannot divulge more details. It was indeed a brutal lesson to other notorious thieves who are terrorising people stealing their property.

As a prophet, I also have to protect my clients since client confidentiality is important just like that of a doctor–patient relationship where a patient’s private information cannot be disclosed without his or her authorisation,” said Black Elisha.

When B-Metro prodded him on the source of his powers, Black Elisha said:

“Although there are some people questioning the source of my powers, let me make it clear that I don’t use juju, but I  use the powers of God.

I am bound by the power of God to heal many illnesses, bring back lost lovers and money as well as fighting against witchcraft.

It is also my duty to assist people from being deceived,” said Black Elisha.

Black Elisha is also famed for his spiritual padlock which uses to lock unfaithful men or women and this saw an influx of people flooding his house to seek divine intervention.

The spiritual padlock, which he says can be used for anything, is mostly common among married couples and of late business people, who say keeps their riches at bay from thieves. B Metro


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