Thursday 31 March 2022


A Bulawayo woman dragged her husband to court for denying her sex.

Nobuhle Ndlovu told Western Commonage Court magistrate Ulukile Ndlovu that her husband, Tobias Dube, has not touched her in four months.

She also claimed that he was verbally and physically abusing her.

Nobuhle Ndlovu dragged her absent in bed husband to court for sexually starving her and verbally and physically abusing her.

In her affidavit she revealed that most of the time her husband would not be at home as he travels a lot preaching the word of God. Whenever he is home, he would say he is too tired for sex.

In the evening, he would force her into Bible reading. She said after that he would sleep.

The bitter Nobuhle said even if she touches him on the sensitive areas of the body, he would not dare have sex with her as he would claim that he was praying and fasting.

She said on certain occasions, her husband would come home drunk and when she questions him about his out-of-line behaviour, he would insult and slap her.

Nobuhle said this has been happening since January.

She said she engaged him so as to understand the reason behind his shady behaviour but all her efforts came to naught.

She then applied for a protection order against her husband at Western Commonage civil court.

The presiding magistrate Ulukile Ndlovu granted her a protection order against her husband.

Tobias was ordered not to verbally and physically abuse his wife. B Metro


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