Wednesday 30 March 2022


A DECISION on how much maintenance dancehall chanter Seh Calaz should pay for his child with Moira Knight has been set for today.

Harare magistrate Judith Taruvinga is expected to make the determination after Moira’s claim of US$1 050 and the musician’s US$50 offer.

Taruvinga will also deal with the issue of whether the singer is able to afford paying for his child’s upkeep.

Lawyers acting for both parties were back again in court yesterday to hear Moira’s response after Seh Calaz filed his Notice of Opposition.

Through her lawyer, Moira argued that although Seh Calaz claimed he was not conducting music business, through live shows, he can’t neglect his child.

“He last contributed in August 2020. He knows his child was born prematurely and to deny that makes him a dishonest man,” claimed the lawyer.

“His whole Notice of Opposition is based on a dishonest approach, it’s also untrue that he earns US$320.

“The claim that he has five other children, who share US$115, should not be accepted by this court because there is no proof.”

Moira’s lawyer also questioned the motive behind Seh Calaz’s production of performance contracts from 2018.

“We all appreciate what Covid-19 has done to everyone and we even delayed making the maintenance claim because of that.

“However, to have Seh Calaz attach contracts from 2018 and 2019 between Chipaz, Boss Gaga and him is misleading.

“Last Friday he performed at a well-attended gig at Weraz Park in Glen View 1 where he was well paid, this comes after another successful gig at Jongwe Corner.

“The court must totally disregard his averment that he is not getting anything from his live shows,” added the lawyer.

The camp went on to tender a recent contract, where the chanter charged US$1 200, to perform at a local event.

“He should tell the court how he arrived at his offer of US$50 as maintenance for his minor child.

“The offer is mischievous and doubtful coming from a celebrated musician like him,” said the lawyer.

However, in his response, the singer claimed he was not making a lot of money from live performances and is banking on a comeback.

“Most artists have been holding virtual shows due to recent lockdowns which are beginning to ease.

“I am among the few artists who have been appearing as a guest act for free at fellow artists’ gigs preparing to host my own live shows.

“One of the contracts that have been presented to the court was fabricated because it does not carry my signature or that of my manager,” claimed Seh Calaz’s lawyer.

He also claimed the alleged studio does not exist but he only runs an association, YALA Nation, to promote disadvantaged upcoming musicians.

The chanter also claimed his social media handles have not yielded any profits in excess of US$200.

“Moira admits that her ex-husband had other children with different other women and she is the first of them all to drag the musician to maintenance court.

The reason why the other women have not dragged him to court is clear indication that he takes care of all his children and they understand his situation to agree to live under his means.

“It’s also not true that he has not been contributing towards the child’s upkeep,” submitted the lawyer.

The musician also claims he shares all his earnings with his band members, manager, DJs and security. H Metro


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