Wednesday 30 March 2022


A 22-year-old man has been dragged to court for abusing his father under the influence of drugs.

This came out during an application for a protection order by Innocent Mubani against his son, Allan, at the Harare Civil Court.

Innocent told the court he could no longer tolerate his son’s behaviour.

“Allan is no longer a child and l am hereby appealing for a protection order and l am requesting, if possible, he be banned from coming to my house because l am sick and tired of him. He has been insulting me in front of the whole family, he disrespects me every time he gets drunk and is violent towards his siblings.

“He is in the habit of stealing my property,” said the father. In response, Allan said his father did not treat him like his biological son.

He was not opposed to the granting of the order but warned his father that this was the end of their relationship.

“I also want peace but he should show me where to go and tell me where my real parents are since he is disowning me publicly.

“I hope he will not look for me, not come to my workplace asking for any favours as well,” said Allan.

In granting the protection order, magistrate Sharon Mashavi warned the two to work on their relationship and deal with their issues amicably. H Metro


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