Friday 18 February 2022


A Bulawayo woman, who was found in possession of a police uniform, left the court in stitches after she claimed she mistook the police suit for a Zion Christian Church (ZCC) uniform.

The gallery was unable to stifle their laughter after Sarah Ncube (30) who was charged with contravening Section 62 of the Police Act Chapter 11: 10 appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Maxwell Ncube.

Ncube who had initially pleaded guilty later altered her plea to that of not guilty leading the magistrate to remand her in custody to February 23 for trial.

The court heard that on 30 January at around 8am, Ncube’s boyfriend Suthini Mlilo (35) found a police ceremonial suit (jacket and skirt) for women stashed in his lover’s satchel.

When he asked her where she had got the uniform from, Ncube lied to him that she got it from her ex-lover Bigboy Sibanda.

Suspecting that his lover had stolen the uniform, Suthini further prodded her and that is when she later changed her statement claiming she got it from a ZCC member.

The seemingly unconvinced Suthini took his lover to the police station where she was later arrested.

In court, Ncube left the gallery in stitches after the magistrate asked her where she got the police uniform from.

“I was given it by my former boyfriend Bigboy Sibanda. He told me it was a ZCC uniform and I should keep it. I honestly didn’t know that it was a police uniform. I was convinced it was a ZCC Church uniform as Bigboy had told me,” she said.

As if that was not enough, Ncube later pulled a shocker when the magistrate again asked her: “Have you ever seen or met a policewoman in your life and do you know how a police uniform looks?

“No,” she tersely responded much to the shock of the gallery. The seemingly shocked magistrate remanded Ncube in custody.

It was also after realising that the two key witnesses to the matter, Ncube’s lover and the police officer who arrested her were not in attendance. B Metro


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