Friday 18 February 2022


A Bulawayo woman’s decision to send pictures of her sexual organ to her boyfriend based in South Africa as a Valentine’s Day gift ended in heartbreak after she inadvertently sent him a nude of her private parts with that of another man that she is allegedly two-timing her man with.

The woman, Natasha Moyo, from Southwold suburb who had sought to surprise her boyfriend Melusi Ncube with naked pictures of herself while appreciating all the times they have spent together got more than what she had bargained for.

For her it all looked like the present of the saucy pictures had been very well received until her horrified lover asked her to check one of the images which featured another man’s penis.

The incident, however, sounds like a terrible plot twist of a romantic comedy, but it really happened on Monday when love was in the air as affectionate lovebirds were celebrating Valentine’s Day.

To prove how much she loved Melusi, Natasha decided to send him saucy pictures of her naked body, but she didn’t realise that one of the photos she chose featured another man’s uncircumcised penis.

Natasha was left mortified after she realised she had accidentally sent a picture of another man’s penis to her lover Melusi.

Shocked, the man decided to call it quits.

According to a source who declined to be named, the seemingly infuriated Melusi reportedly dumped his lover and subsequently called off their wedding.

His family too, reportedly supported his decision.

“They got engaged in December last year and were due to get married soon.

Things went smoothly until Monday, on Valentine’s Day when Natasha accidentally sent her lover nude pictures of another man’s organ.

“For Natasha it all looked happy until, her lover Melusi asked her to check one of the pictures which featured another man’s organ.

Her annoyed boyfriend quickly told her it was over.

“Natasha begged for forgiveness while explaining that the picture which she had accidentally sent was in her phone’s gallery and had been sent by one of the ladies from a salon WhatsApp group,” the source said.

Contacted for comment, Natasha cut the call soon after this reporter introduced himself that he was from B-Metro.

B-Metro also contacted Melusi and his mobile rang unanswered.

He also did not respond to text and WhatsApp messages sent to him.

The estranged lovebirds have also deleted their pictures on all their social media accounts. B Metro


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