Monday 6 December 2021


THE Zimbabwean community in Johannesburg’s northern suburb of Windsor East was at the weekend thrown into mourning following the deaths of three of their friends who died in an accident near the Rhema Church in Randburg.

The trio of Liberty Makore (27), Eddie Tapera (26) and Laura Sanyika (24) were killed when an Audi A4 hit the car they were travelling in during the early hours of last Sunday on their way from a popular entertainment centre called Pamusha near Cosmo City.

The driver of the car they were in and another female passenger survived the mishap and are out of hospital.

Tapera died instantly while Makore died on the way to hospital. Sanyika was in a coma and succumbed to her injuries last Sunday afternoon.

The driver of the car that hit them, varnished from the scene and the South African Police Service is hunting for him. They just left the wrecked cars and fled the scene.

For a whole week, the community joined hands and were attending funeral services throughout the week.

On Friday and Saturday hundreds brought the township to a standstill and they conducted a street send-off gala at the Windsor East shopping centre.

Police could not even attempt to disrupt the event that was characterized by song and dance as they sent off Tapera and Makore over the two days.

Tapera was repatriated on late Friday afternoon while Makore was sent home on Saturday afternoon.

Makore was in the tree-felling business and his fellow colleagues brought motorised chainsaws imitating what he used to do when he was at work.

Others danced on top of the trailer that was carrying his remains.

Expensive gin, beer and whiskey was poured on top of the trailer as a “way of celebrating his way of life”.

Some ladies sang songs whose lyrics are unprintable claiming he was one of their “clients”.

Some blew condoms and spread them across the tarmac. Fireworks and helium balloons were also in the mix as the ‘celebratory’ mood continued.

Renowned pastor Kelvin Zivavose had a hard time delivering his send-off service sermon.

He had to also climb on top of the hearse in order to be heard. He was flanked by another elder in the community Nyasha Mupimbira.

“Let me remind all of you that you must be always in good books with the Lord. Remember one day you shall leave this earth and you shall be accountable to God.

“Take time to get to learn the word of God. We may be mourning Liberty today but tomorrow it could be you. Be ready for that day,” preached Pastor Kelvin.

A number of other community leaders donated their vehicles to be used during the funeral service.

“As a community of Zimbabweans in a foreign land we need to remain united and help each other especially when it is a time of need like this.

“We have plans to set up a formal society where we will pool funds together so that we assist each other in times of needs,” said James Chetsanga one of the leaders.

After the sermon the hearse moved onto the N1 highway which connects Johannesburg and Beitbridge.

Again there was a traffic blockade as the singing and dancing continued.

Tapera was buried in Mhondoro on Saturday and Makore was expected to be buried in Shurugwi today.

Plans are underway to ensure the remains of Sanyika are sent home before the end of the week. “We will be back again on the streets during the week to ensure Laura gets a decent send-off as well.

“We will not get tired,” quipped one of the ghetto youths known as Hebza “Childish Gambino” Jakaz. H Metro


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