Monday 6 December 2021


In a suspected case of juju, an Epworth man dumped his seven-month-old dead child at a midwife’s home blaming her for causing the death.

The incident took place yesterday when Steven Shiri, 32, emotionally attached the child’s death to the midwife Ndakaziva Mawire, 48’s alleged threats that she would cause the baby’s death if she was not paid for her services.

When H-Metro arrived at the scene, Shiri had taken his child back to his home which is a few houses away from Mawire’s house.

The corpse was still in his house with plans to bury the deceased at a nearby cemetery in Epworth.

According to witnesses, Mawire managed to escape the drama and sought help at Epworth Police Station.

“I sired the child who just died with my second wife and she had a twin brother. They were delivered by Mawire seven months ago,” Shiri narrated.

“Prior to the incident, I had refused to give my second wife money to register at the local clinic because we were having problems. So when my wife was now due Mawire offered to help and charged me US$15.

“She wanted to be paid before she did the job and we had a misunderstanding that lasted until the day of delivery,” said Shiri.

He accused Mawire of lacking skill to deliver the second child since they were twins.

“After delivering the first child, Mawire failed to notice the second child leaving her untrained aide to pull the second child by her hands before pushing her back in again.

“I immediately noticed that something went wrong during the delivery and it was evident on the child’s arms which could not bend,” he claimed.

Shiri claimed when she suggested for the child to see a specialist soon after delivery, Mawire refused demanding to be paid more money and threatening that something will befall the minor.

“A few days after the birth, I asked Mawire to accompany my wife to hospital when my daughter’s arms became swollen. She refused to go to the hospital as a witness and the doctors also said the child required an operation but only when she had grown up.

“Mawire demanded more money for the extra child she did not expect to deliver, I told her I had paid her enough.

“She then told me kuti ndichazviona zvichaitika kumwana since ndange ndaramba kumubhadhara imwe mari yaaida,” he added.

The child had been sick since the delivery and my wife went to consult a few prophets who all revealed that Mawire had a hand and if I only pay her the child will be well.

On Saturday evening I paid her US$5 but to my surprise, the child died the following morning and I suspect she had everything to do with the death.

“I cried so much for the loss and because I was hurt and I took the dead child to Mawire’s house and confronted her on her evilness after telling me that “Ndichazviona”,” he said.

In her defence, Mawire claimed she was shocked by the development and denied ever causing the death.

“We had agreed that the family was going to pay US$20 for my services but they did not pay me anything and I only had to let them be.

“However, I was surprised to see him bringing his dead child threatening to abandon the corpse on my doorstep.

“I tried to escape but was manhandled and assaulted by Shiri,” Mawire claimed.

She claimed she managed to escape and reported the matter at Epworth Police.

“The police told me that Shiri was supposed to compensate me for his behavior and accusing me of being a witch,” she said.

Mawire claims she has been a midwife for the past 18 years and licensed by the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council. H Metro


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