Monday 15 November 2021


A Mabvuku woman was reportedly killed in a suspected ritual murder and two weeks on, her body has not been buried.

Nelia Blakafasi was found dead with several stab wounds on her body on the first week of November before her body was taken to a mortuary.

Her husband, one Freddy Blakafasi is the alleged suspect and has been on the run since the incident.

Her burial is yet to be conducted following an argument over post-mortem.

Harare Province Police Spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza could not confirm the incident promising to verify with Mabvuku Police.

H-Metro visited the funeral wake in Mabvuku where relatives refused to comment regarding the issues in fear of threats from the accused.

It is reported that the alleged killer is threating to kill anyone who will expose him.

“The body was identified by neighbours with multiple stab wounds, fractured hands and legs.

“There was also some juju like concoction mixed with blood in a bottle.

“Human waste was also found on the scene wrapped on a sheet that had blood which we suspect belonged to the deceased.

“It looked like ritual murder.

“Yes, it is true there was human waste but no one touched it. It was on the sheet that was stained with blood,” said a neighbour.

Another witness said: “The family went to collect Nelia’s belongings and found them locked in a kitchen unit.

“A bottle was found under the bed and there was a bottle which was cut into two pieces.

“It had some juju and blood which looked black,” added the witness.

Allegations are that, Nelia and her husband were always having altercations.

“The couple had been staying at the wife’s family home for two years. They were always fighting with Nelia being the victim.

“The man is believed to have also beaten his brother to the pulp leaving him with fractured bones and his ex-wife was also left with a fractured hand and leg and without one eye.

“Freddy was then chased away from the home they were staying at and went to his parents’ house.

“He was at one point arrested and Nelia bailed him out which later led to her not being in good terms with the family,” said the source.

Another source also revealed that Nelia’s body has been in mortuary for nearly two weeks as post mortem is delaying the burial.

“It seems there is a war over how the body can be taken from the mortuary and it is alleged that doctors from a local hospital are demanding US$150 to speed up the post mortem process.”

The accused is suspected to be walking scot-free.

“He is being spotted in Tafara walking free after committing such an offence. The family is fighting for Nelia to be buried but the date of post-mortem has been set for December 14.

“The doctors told the family to look for USD$150 to fast track the process,” said the source.

Further allegations are that Freddy was once seen at the scene of the murder. H Metro


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