Monday 15 November 2021


A one-year-old toddler died after he drank paraffin. The unfortunate incident happened at Muhoni Compound, Etina in Eiffel Flats, Kadoma.

Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson Inspector Magret Chitove told H-Metro that the toddler was playing alone in a wooden cabin used as a family house.

Insp Chitove said the deceased toddler asked for some drinking water from his mother Magret Tito,23, who was outside the cabin.

She told his child to get some water from the house and drink.

At that moment, the child took a 500ml bottle, which was in the house containing paraffin and drank it.

“He started coughing continuously. His mother rushed inside the house where she realised the toddler had taken paraffin,” said Insp Chitove.

She added: “She quickly gave him fresh milk for him to vomit, but he did not.”

The mother and her neighbour, Gracious Maponga, 30, of Waverley Kadoma, hired a motor vehicle and took the child to Gweshe clinic, where they were further referred to Kadoma General Hospital.

He died upon admission.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident, a five-year-old juvenile died in a fishpond in Norton.

Insp Chitove said the tragedy happened on October 30, at Galloway Park in Norton.

She said the juvenile was playing alone at the backyard of the house near a fish pond while his parents were inside the house.

At around 8am, of the same day, his father Ali Pose went to the fish pond to check for his son.

“He saw a body floating in the pond. He retrieved it and took the dead child to Norton Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival,” said Chitove.

She said Pose reported the matter to Norton ZRP who attended to the scene.

Insp Chitove appealed to parents and guardians to ensure the safety of children.

She urged them to secure water bodies with a fence or gate that is always locked.

“If not locked, children will have easy access that might lead to such tragedy as what happened,” said Insp Chitove.

She also said it was very imperative for guardians to make sure that children do not go and swim in rivers.

“Children must be protected especially from going to swim in rivers due to the scorching heat. There is also danger of being attacked by crocodiles and drowning.” H Metro


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