Monday 6 September 2021


SIX former Meikles employees who lost their Glaudina residential stands to a land baron retained them following the arrest of the suspect.

The former Greatermans department store employees Godfrey Nyamubapasi, Alex Nhema, Rachel Nezambe, Charles Gawaza, Vavirai Mahachi and Silas Taruvinga lost their residential stands they were allocated by City of Harare in 2003 under Meikles Progressive House Cooperative.

Some individuals have been arrested over these allegations and have appeared in court. The stands were reported to have been grabbed by one Roki of Real Sales Investments and sold to one Ms Marange of Fairline Investments without the six’s knowledge.

Fairline constructed the houses to a window level and some of the six employees, in protest moved into the houses and roofed them and stayed until they successfully retained their stands legally.

On Friday the structures were demolished to pave way for the six employees to occupy their stands. Part of the document from Fairline Investments lawyers that led to the demolition of the structures read;

“In terms of the investigations, allegations are that our client, Fairline Investments (Private) Limited, constructed houses at pieces of land that belong to Meikles Progressive House Cooperative. Some individuals have been arrested over these allegations and have appeared in court.

“Our client is only a victim of such transactions and does not want to suffer any more financial prejudice as a result of these legal battles.

“Our client has since secured alternative land to construct houses for its staff and would therefore be removing its building materials for use elsewhere, reads the letter.

One of the employees Rachel Nezambe, 51, told H-Metro that the six engaged Zimbabwe Republic Police Commercial Crimes Division and Anti-Corruption team to win back the stand she claimed was her investment for 23 years she worked at the closed department stores.

“God answers prayers today I am happy to reclaim what I worked for 23 years under Greatermans department stores,” said Nezambe.

“I give thanks to ZRP Commercial Crimes Division and the Anti-Corruption team for standing with us the poor since Roki had used his financial muscle to grab our pieces of land.

“We tried to engage lawyers but we discovered that financial muscle denied us justice until we knocked every office crying for justice and it came.

“Ndakarwadziwa kuwona stand yangu yandakatamburira kubhadhara pakasalary kangu ichivakwa nemumwe munhu ndakatarisa nekuda kwekukara uye chisimba chewuhori.

“Ndakapinda mumba macho ndikaisa roof ndikagara kusvika tabatana nevamwe tikafambira maoffices ose nhasi zvedu zvaita Mwari atinzwa,” said Nezambe.

Six houses built by Fairline Investments to roof levels were demolished giving relief to the six former Greatermans employees. H Metro


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