Tuesday 14 September 2021


Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) leader Dr Nkosana Moyo has described fellow opposition leader, Mr Nelson Chamisa, as a clueless politician who does not have the requisite skills to lead a nation.

This comes as there is a growing realisation in the opposition that Mr Chamisa, who now leads a smaller faction of the MDC after losing out to Mr Douglas Mwonzora in the battle to control the opposition, has no plans beyond the rhetoric and infantile claims.

In a video circulating on social media platforms, Dr Moyo expressed reservations on Mr Chamisa’s capability to lead the country, saying he is economically illiterate.

“I don’t think Chamisa has got the skills that my country requires . . . I don’t believe that Chamisa has that understanding, am sorry. I have just articulated what a leader at this point in our country should understand.

“Our leader has to understand how an economy works above all.

“I don’t believe that Chamisa has got that understanding. I am sorry. If he did I will join MDC and support him. Democracy is beautiful because you are going to vote for him, I personally will not go to vote for him,” said Dr Moyo.

This follows wild claims that Mr Chamisa has made in the past such as his 2018 sensational claim that he had been promised US$15 billion by the then United States President Donald Trump if he won the presidential elections which he went on to lose to President Mnangagwa.

Instead of accepting defeat, Mr Chamisa came up with his “kudira jecha” desperate bid to derail the success of the Second Republic but that again failed. Herald


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