Thursday 22 July 2021


A GURUVE-BASED female drug peddler went berserk and stripped naked when male police officers came to arrest her on allegations of selling dagga.

Mildred Muzana (21) ran away naked shouting that police offices wanted to rape her as other police officers shot a video for evidence.

The matter came to light at Guruve Magistrates’ Courts yesterday, where Muzana appeared before magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa who slapped her with a $2 500 fine for indecent exposure and failure to pay would earn her 15 days in prison.

Prosecutor Albert Charewa told the court that on July 8, police officers received a tip off that Muzana was selling dagga at her homestead and went to the place to conduct a search.

When Muzana realised that police officers were close by she stripped all her clothes and showed them her privates, saying “arrest me if you can,” before shouting ”police want to rape me” while running away.

After some minutes, she went to a friend’s place and got dressed before going to the charge office to file a rape report against the police officers.

The officers who were on their way to the charge office were called and informed about the matter. They told their colleagues to lock her up since they had video evidence of what she had done. Newsday


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