Thursday 8 July 2021


A heartbroken Bulawayo man has sensationally claimed that his wife’s employer allows her to meet an old flame at her house, supposedly for sex.

Taurai Mashingaidze from Matsheumhlope suburb claimed his wife Eddilyne Munasireyi meets her former lover with the blessing of her employer at her employer’s house in Ilanda suburb.

Mashingaidze revealed this at the Bulawayo Civil Court while responding to his wife’s allegations that he was verbally, physically and emotionally abusing her as punishment for not getting pregnant.

Munasireyi seemed to have courted her husband’s anger when she also claimed that he was always threatening to kill her whenever they picked an argument.

“I have been staying with Taurai Mashingaidze since December 2018 and no children have been born out of the relationship. He is of a violent disposition and has always physically assaulted me during the subsistence of our marriage.

“The latest incident was on 16 June 2021 when we had an argument about where we should put our keys when both of us are not at home. The argument resulted in him choking and assaulting me on the head. He went on to drag me on the ground.

“He sometimes beats me up in the presence of my sister and neighbours who cannot intervene because they also fear him. I once reported him to the police in February last year after he beat me up with a metal rod but later dropped the charges after he begged me and told me he would change his behaviour,” said Munasireyi.

She said her husband was also emotionally abusing her as punishment for not conceiving.

“He also emotionally abuses me concerning my inability to bear children. He often threatens to kill me whenever we have an argument. I now fear for my life and hereby apply for a protection order against him so that he stops physically, verbally, emotionally and psychologically abusing me,” pleaded Munasireyi.

Her accusations didn’t go down well with her husband who stated that she was cheating on him with her ex-lover.

“I am not opposed to her application for a protection order. My request to the court is that she should change her phone number since her ex-boyfriend is in the habit of phoning her.

“Her ex-boyfriend is going to where she works at the invitation of her employer who is allowing them to meet at her house. That ex-lover is also her employer’s taxi driver. Whenever she is going to church, she leaves early in the morning and comes back late in the evening. I am suspecting that she will be with her ex-boyfriend,” said Mashingaidze.

Presiding magistrate Nomagugu Sindisiwe Maphosa didn’t entertain Mashingaidze’s request arguing that she could not grant an order that made his wife select people whom she could communicate with or what time she could leave and come back home.

In her ruling, the magistrate ordered Mashingaidze not to verbally and physically abuse his wife. B Metro


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