Thursday 8 July 2021


A Budiriro woman ditched her husband of nine years claiming he was not responsible for their two-year-old baby.

Primrose Mwamuka, 32, reportedly took her belongings in the absence of her husband Tawanda Sivieri, 36, and phoned him after two days informing him about the paternity of their child.

Mwamuka confirmed ditching Sivieri urging the latter not to waste his money to seek DNA tests for the child.

Sivieri, an ardent follower of Mugodhi Apostolic sect, told H-Metro that he is set to approach office of Registrar General for cancelation of the baby’s birth certificate.

“I want to thank my church leaders for counselling me following the unexpected end of my marriage,” said Sivieri. “I could have committed crime considering the support I gave to support that baby.

“Madzimai ndinofunga kuti hapana huroyi hunopfuura kugara nemurume achichengeta mwana wababa vapenyu.

“At least I thank God for convicting my wife to confess her wrong doing and leaving the house peacefully,” he said.

Sivieri narrated the trips he made to consult faith and traditional healers for a blessing of the child.

“Mbereko yakaramba wangu kwemakore mapfumbamwe takafambira kumadhokotera ne maporofita.

“My wife later conceived and gave birth in September 2018 and I want to suspect that she cheated the period she was on attachment at another company. I was staying with her brother as well and they left on the same day.

“My wife has been buying kitchen utensils and hiding them in the room where my brother in-law used to sleep. Upon confronting my brother in-law he disclosed that my wife gave him to keep.

“She phoned me two days later disclosing that the baby was not mine and it affected me much.

“One of her uncles attached to members of the uniformed forces threatened me with unspecified action if I was to continue calling my wife,” said Sivieri.

Mwamuka showed H-Metro medical records about Sivieri’s alleged low sperm count which she claimed were enough to convince him about her confession.

“It’s unfortunate that he is now after publishing the issue he is quite aware of,” said Mwamuka.

“I have the medical records for you H-Metro to read and enquire from medical doctors for interpretation.

“I do not know why he is failing to understand what I told him but the truth is that I am now living with my parents in Mabvuku,” she said. H Metro


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