Saturday 5 September 2020


Zimasco has evicted 15 workers, the majority who are elderly from its company houses in Shurugwi and some of them are now staying in a nearby mountain, The Mirror has been told.

The workers were evicted from Ironside Suburb after they failed to pay rentals that were increased from RTGS$500 to RTGS$2 800 for high density suburbs. For low density the rents were hiked by 522% from RTGS$4500 to $RTGS28 000.

A company called Danziga effected the evictions. One of the evicted is 75-year-old Jaison Matsa. Zimasco Human Resources Manager Fungai Manyawi confirmed the rental increases and referred questions to the company spokesperson Ms Clara Sadomba.

The evicted workers said that they were previously assured that they will be given the houses as a token of appreciation for their service.

Sadomba could not be reached for a comment. Chrome Mine Residents Association coordinator Jonathan Javangwe appealed for Government assistance as the evictees including elderly people are living in the open and had a torrid time particularly during the chilly weather of the last two weeks.

He said that there were notices before the evictions.

“Fifteen former Zimasco employees were evicted from Ironside and some of them are now staying in a nearby mountain. The mine told us that we were being evicted because we are not paying rent.

Our plea for them to allow us a month to raise the money fell on deaf ears,” said Javangwe.
Zimasco closed its Shurugwi chrome plant six years ago and it is renting out the houses to former employees and other tenants. “Zimasco has lost its heart for the people.

They hiked rent from RTGS$500 to RTGS$2 800 for high density suburbs and from RTGS$4 500 to RTGS$28 000 for low density houses,” said Matsa. Masvingo Mirror


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