Saturday 5 September 2020


One cop was picked at a roadblock at Craft Centre in Masvingo yesterday while two others deployed at another roadblock 5km away are wanted for questioning after they allegeldy demanded US$70 bribes from a Malaicha.

The Malaicha, Paul Chinoda was travelling from Musina to Harare. An officer only identified as Mugande was picked up by his superiors at the Craft Centre at around 5pm while a soldier believed to be his accomplice bolted away from the roadblock after seeing senior cops arriving in the company of the complainant.

Mugande allegedly hid in a tinted car parked at the roadblock when his seniors arrived.

Efforts by The Mirror to get a comment from Provincial Police spokesperson, Charity Mazula were futile the whole day today (Friday).

However, Chinoda confirmed to The Mirror that he reported the case at Masvingo central although he was not given the case number. Chinoda said he had a torrid time at the two roadblocks. The Mirror is in possession of the reports that he made to the Police. His case was also dealt with by the Chief Superintendent Muzivi.

According to the Police report, Chinoda together with Almost Chitava arrived at Craft Centre at around 6am. Mugande allegedly took away his receipts for duty and told him that he was not going to leave until he paid US$70. A member of the ZNA who was also at the roadblock allegedly also demanded the bribe.

When the two got nothing, they handed over Chinoda to Zimra at around 9am but a Zimra officer who checked the papers said they were in order and asked the Police officers to allow the truck to go.

However, a few kilometers from the city centre, they met another roadblock near Gokomere where Police officers allegedly confiscated his car keys and demanded a bribe. When they said that they had no money, they were told to get a lift back into town and get the money. The suspects also threatened to hand over the truck to VID if Chinoda did not find the bribe.

It is then that Chinoda and Chitava reported the matter at Masvingo Central Police Station.
Inspector Eleck Kambale then took them to Craft Center where they could not find Mugande. He was only found later allegedly hiding in a tinted car that was parked at the roadblock.

The suspected soldier who is an alleged accomplice of police officer bolted away from the roadblock on seeing the complainant arriving in the company of senior officers. The Police picked Mugande and took him to Masvingo Central for statements.

After Craft Centre they went to the roadblock which is before Gokomere and the suspects had knocked off by the time that the seniors had arrived. Kambale promised to find them and call them back for identification.

The senior officers returned Chinoda’s car keys and freed him to proceed with his journey to Harare.  Masvingo Mirror


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