Saturday 15 August 2020


KWEKWE acting Town Clerk Dr Lucia Mnkandla has gone on self-isolation after coming into contact with a person who tested positive for Covid-19.

Although she did not test positive during the initial rapid tests, the acting Town Clerk went on self-quarantine as a precautionary measure while awaiting the PCR results.

Kwekwe mayor Councillor Angeline Kasipo confirmed that Dr Mnkandla was on self-isolation but was quick to say she was out of danger.

“She went on self-isolation not because she had tested positive but because she had been in contact with someone who was thought to have been positive. But we also later learnt that the person was negative,” said Clr Kasipo. 

Dr Mnkandla is said to have been in contact with a council employee.

“It is true that the person who was thought to have been in contact with her has since tested negative. We are however, waiting for her results so that we ascertain the situation before we rush and make uninformed decisions,” Clr Kasipo said.

The mayor said the decision by Dr Mnkandla to go on self-quarantine was to maximise security and safety of not only herself but also people around her.

“As you know as a local authority we work with a lot of people and as such we decided to go safe. This is not to say anyone has tested positive. We have also tested everyone at the local authority and we are doing so regularly so that we stay safe,” said Clr Kasipo.
The local authority has since scaled down on staffers who are reporting for duty as a precautionary measure.

Workers are also tested once a week. Chronicle


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