Monday 18 May 2020


Zimbabwe Men’s Netball Association secretary general Tawanda ‘Spransa’ Kazomba has urged the public to shun negativity and support men who plays the sport.

Although netball has been regarded as the women’s sport, a number of men over the years have shown interest in playing the game but have been facing challenges ranging from lack of sponsorship and stigmatisation.

“I understand a lot of people have mixed feelings over the participation of men in netball but I believe netball is just like any other sport.

“We have women who play soccer, cricket and rugby and they are doing very well in what some believe are men’s sport and I believe there is not much of a difference with us men who plays netball,” Kazomba told H-Metro.

He continues: “I personally believe there is need for a chance for men to participate in netball too just like any other sport, this is only possible if the general public learns to accept men who participate in netball even though it’s regarded as a women sport.

“We are not different from any other men but the love of sport makes us look different.”

ZIMNA had a successful netball season last year. However, like any other sport the league was put on halt due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which have wrecked havoc in the world.

“COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has affected our 2020 men’s netball calendar in so many ways. We supposed to go to Gweru in April for our pre-season tournament.

“After that we had planned to start our and league games this May but due to the national lockdown we put everything on hold.” H Metro


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