Monday 2 March 2020


OPPOSITION legislators have accused Zanu PF MPs of making unnecessary noise in Parliament every time Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda is not the chair.

Last week when Mudenda was replaced by Buhera North MP William Mutomba as the temporary Speaker, the later failed to control legislators mainly from the ruling party prompting Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala to rise on a point of order.

“On a point of order Speaker…Since …Mudenda left that chair, this House turned into chaos for unexplained reasons. I have discovered that members of this House are not respecting your chair.

“We have realised that when Mudenda was on the chair, all the members on this side were there, but they are walking out one by one, walking away from you.

“Despite that, they are disrupting the business of the House. We are adults and we have not come here to play. I personally would just excuse myself from this House because I am not prepared to continuously listen to this nonsense,” said Sikhala.

Before Sikhala’s sentiments, MDC Warren Park MP Shakespear Hamauswa appealed to Mutomba to eject some Zanu PF members for making noise in the august House.

“People are taking this House for child play yet there are so many economic challenges out there. Speaker Sir, my request is that you use your powers to evict some members from Zanu PF so that the business of the House can continue.

“The people I represent in Warren Park are looking forward to me raising the issue of water challenges. I am not able to raise that question because some members are making noise. Speaker, you have two choices; either for this House to proceed or you evict those members so that we can proceed with the business of the House.”
However, in his ruling Mutomba dismissed the allegations.

“I have heard what you have said … Hamauswa, but when you are giving me options, then it means you are telling me what to do. We cannot do that. I have heard what you said, but giving me options on what to do and how to preside is unacceptable.

“I am the one in Chair. You do not give me directives. Ndakutandanisa iwewe manje (I will chase you out instead). You do not give me directives,” Mutomba said. Daily News


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