Monday 2 March 2020


Two Msasa women are at loggerheads over parking space. This matter was heard before the Harare Civil magistrate Gladys Moyo where Chido Jekechera was seeking a peace order against Thembikosi Goko who she says verbally abuses her.

“She always insults me over a parking space.  She claims that she owns the whole shop and it cannot be used by anyone else.

“I only discovered that she is bitter about my life since we used to share the same man and she was later dumped. I park my car at an open space and she always calls me asking me to remove my car.

“She also threatens to smash my car that is why I am applying for a peace order,” said Chido. In response, Thembikosi disputed all the allegations.

 “I do not insult her but I only ask her to remove her car in peace. She parks her car on my door such that I have no space to use for deliveries.

“The car park which she said belongs to Harare City Council belongs to the owner of the building and is supposed to be used by tenants.

“I do not want to say a lot but the owner of the building will solve the issue; you can grant her the peace order,” said Thembikosi.

Presiding magistrate Moyo granted a reciprocal order. Both of them were ordered to maintain peace. H Metro


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