Monday 28 October 2019


Controversial female Zimdancehall chanter  Lady Bee has defended her dressing at the recently held Guspy Warrior and Dadza D’s Undisputed album launch.

Lady Bee revealed that her dressing was appropriate for the occasion.

“The dressing was appropriate for the show, l can safely say that even outside our country some female dancehall artistes dress like that so why do they have to crucify me. 

“ And on the same note ndandakapfeka wani kurikupisa shamwari handingatsve  kaa aikaka ndichingoda kufadza maprefects ehupenyu,” said Lady Bee.

The Jekiseni singer also defended her dances as she said they are clean and normal dances any dancer would do.

“l hear people say that those are raunchy dances, no they are not, those are clean well rehearsed dances.

 “People should come to shows where l have enough time to rehearse then they will understand  the word raunchy and l am no longer moved by critics and these so called prefects of life who wants to control everything,” added Lady Bee. 

Lady Bee is set to return to comedy skits early December as she will be combining with Bhuru remashanga.

“Bhuru and l will be doing comedy skits soon, we had stopped so that we can do something big and am glad that this December we will be dropping a new comedy skit,” she said. H Metro


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