Monday 28 October 2019


ONE of an Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe church members was injured in a fight that disrupted a church service at Zimbiru village in Domboshava yesterday.

The unidentified woman led a group of church members in attacking nine people who entered the church building holding placards calling their resident pastor Maizivei Padzinza a prostitute.
A fight ensued destroying musical instruments, chairs, the pulpit as church members turned the pulpit into a boxing ring.

Some could not fight but started interceding for their pastor calling the demonstrators evil spirits.

“We are not defending any wrong our pastor might have done to these people but disturbing our church service is unacceptable,” one of the women said charging at this writer to destroy the camera. 

“They must respect a place of worship. They were supposed to seek help from our elders so that they deal with their issue after the service.

“Mufundisi wedu kana akaita chipfambi mukadzi wavo ndiye asina kukwana nekuti mufundisi munhuwo sesu.

 “We know the woman being accused of dating our pastor she used to come and got busy on her mobile phone instead of following church services.

“We attacked them because they are after destroying our church and we will not tolerate that ngavaende vanopedzerana kumba kwavo kwete panapa. 

“Pastor Padzinza hatidi navo uye murume semi anongonyengawo saka ibvai pano,” she said threatening to destroy the camera.

Pastor Padzinza invited another pastor to conduct the service on his behalf and his wife refused to entertain H-Metro. 
However, church leaders promised to take the issue to their leadership after being shown the WhatsApp messages between Pastor Padzinza and Tracy Tsitsi Mutengezanwa who is wife to Amos Mapisa. H Metro


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