Friday 23 August 2019


A NYANGA Zanu PF Central Committee member, Moses Gutu and his family escaped death by a whisker after they were on Sunday evening attacked by 10 unknown machete-wielding assailants at his house.

Gutu was also left counting losses after windows and doors of his house were badly damaged.

His two children – aged fourteen and seven – sustained injuries all over their bodies while his wife was left bedridden after she was hit by a machete on her hand.

He believes the assailants, who are still at large, were determined to kill since they poured petrol around the house first before they attempted in vain to set the house and the whole family ablaze. 

Narrating the ghastly experience, Gutu, in an interview on Wednesday said he had suspects but refused to divulge their names. He said police were now handling the matter.

“It was around 10pm when these people who were about six besieged my house and poured petrol on the veranda before they asked me to come out. They told me to come out and talk but I did not come out. 

“I peeped through the window and realised that the assailants were wielding machetes and stones.

“I saw six people but I later learnt from police that they were 10. I realised that their match sticks were wet and they failed to set ablaze the house. We were all inside.

“My wife and two kids were shocked. I sneaked out of the house through the back door.

“They hit my wife on her hand with a machete. They also hit my 14-year old son. One of my children failed to sneak out. 

“Their cigarette lighter again failed to light up the house. All the windows were broken. Their intention was to kill me and it is quite unfortunate.

“I don’t point fingers at anyone since the police are on the ground. I, however, have some suspects. These people have been harassing me through text messages and I have them.

“We are traumatised,” said Gutu. Manica Post


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