Friday 23 August 2019


A businessman from Chiyanga Village under Chief Chireya stunned villagers after confessing that he sleeps with his own mother to boost their family business.

The man, Tadiwa Rushungo (37), shocked all and sundry when he revealed that he has been sleeping with his mother Getrude Mashamba for the past two years, a secret that was only known by the two of them.

A source who spoke on condition of anonymity said the two “love birds” would “make love” every month end as was directed by a traditional healer following the death of Tadiwa’s father, Twoboy Rushungo, two years ago.

“The two would have sex every month end as they were directed by their traditional healer. No one suspected that there was something going on until they were caught red handed by a neighbour.

“The two were then dragged to court on charges of incest. Tadiwa, a father of four, admitted before Chief Chireya’s fully packed court that his relationship with his mother was meant to boost the family’s businesses.

He even confessed that ever since their illicit affair, they had managed to buy a new house in Gokwe centre and two commuter omnibuses.

“Mashamba told the court that she agreed to sleep with her son because she was instructed to do so by the traditional healer following the death of her husband who was the owner of the businesses. She said the healer had told her that if she didn’t do so, the businesses would crumble,” said the source. 

Chief Chireya confirmed presiding over the matter saying he ordered Mashamba and her son to pay five cows for disrespecting the community. He said incestuous relationships were a taboo adding that people engaging in such acts should be handed stiff penalties.

“I do not tolerate incestuous relationships in my community. Such kind of relationships are not even accepted in Zimbabwe as a whole because they are inhumane and disgusting.

I ordered Mashamba and her son to pay five cows to the entire village for such an embarrassment and l also made him pay three more cows to his wife,” said Chief Chireya. B Metro


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