Wednesday 24 July 2019


A BUHERA widow has taken her brothers-in-law to court for trying to dispossess her of a farm she inherited from her deceased husband.

Sarah Munaka, of Mayayaka village under Chief Chamutasa, filed an application for a protection order before Chipinge magistrate Joshua Nembaware seeking an order barring her late husband’s siblings from evicting her from her farm.

“I am the applicant in this matter and the respondents are my brothers-in-law, namely Enock Mukambo and Enos Nemadziwa. The respondents are taking over fields which I acquired from my in-laws when I married into their family. The respondents insult and shout at me using degrading words and are very determined to eliminate me and take over my properties, hence I fear of what might happen to me. I am, therefore, applying for a peace order,” Munaka submitted.

The respondents did not oppose the application and the magistrate ordered that both parties keep peace with each other.

Circumstances are that Munaka was married to the brothers’ sibling and had one child. However, the child died in 1990 and she did not bear another child.

The husband later died and left her the property and told her to be self-reliant and not to leave the farm.

Her problems started when she remarried. Her brothers-in-law drove her away and began moulding bricks on her land.

At one time, her in-laws allegedly assaulted her new husband after he confronted them for moulding of bricks on the fields. Newsday


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