Wednesday 24 July 2019


United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean Joyce Mutengezanwa, who was part of protesters that tormented Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo and his delegation, claims the minister was more humiliated than harmed. 

Speaking from the UK, Mutengezanwa said the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led administration had failed the nation because they were the only ones enjoying at the expense of ordinary citizens.

“SB Moyo was more humiliated than harmed,” she said. Mutengezanwa said Zanu PF should be ashamed of itself for always leading the country into a mess, adding it should stop its head-hunt for the protesters, but rather provide solutions to the problems the country was facing. 

“Is it not ironic that the very same people, Zanu PF and the army, who unleash dogs, bullets, tear gas and water tanks on civilians are angrily baying for people’s blood over a few sprinklings of water?” she charged.

“Zimbabweans all over the world are clearly outraged by these elections fraudsters and human rights abusers, who continue to masquerade as angels of light by day, but butchering our fellow citizens for speaking against the injustices in the land.” 

Mutengezanwa said instead of making noise about the Chatham House incident, the Zimbabwean government should address human rights abuses.

“May you please address the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe more seriously than this harmless incident at Chatham House,” she urged the government.

Two weeks ago, Moyo was hurled insults, water sprayed and pelted by angry Zimbabwean protesters as he came out of Chatham House where he had made a presentation to market the country as a business and tourist destination.

Mutengezanwa is one of the many Zimbabweans in the UK, who fled State-sponsored violence at the turn of the millennium. Newsday


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